The two grids sizes 4x4, 6x6 and 4 levels of difficulties are adapted for kids all from 4 years old and more. 
Sudokid teach them in a funny way to play sudoku.

The 9x9 is designed for the older ones. 


Kids will have a lot of hours of fun with Sudokid and you will also enjoy playing with them.

After the grids 4x4 and 6x6, a new challenge for the best: 9x9.
A new set of graphic stamps with the space theme.
For more variety, a new extended sets of graphic stamps.
- A button to turn on or off the sounds.




For a better experience the background image can be changed by shaking the game.
While playing they can take the benefits of this game, increasing attention and capacity of thinking.


New enhancements of the version 2.3

- Play with the new theme: Christmas.

New enhancements of the version 1.2

- A practice level with unlimited of try possible (Strength 0).
- A home button to leave the current sudokid.
- Various game speed enhancement.
- A chronometer.

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